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The Islamic Nation... distresses and victories

The Islamic Nation... distresses and victories
Dr. Zeiad Moussa Abd El-Moati
When we read in the history of the Islamic nation, we find that the most times of crisis and distress are followed by great breakthroughs and victories. We see this in the life of the Prophet peace be upon him and in the era of companions, and in other eras.
This is an attempt at a journey through Islamic history in which we see that adversity is followed by grants and that after the times of crises come conquests. We try to see from the scenes of history the following:
When the infidels of Mecca wanted to kill the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), God saved him and migrated to Yathrib, and founded the Islamic state in Yathrib, which became called "Medina".
The infidels of Mecca tried to eliminate the Muslims in Medina, and allied with tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, and was the battle of the trench or the battle of the parties, in which Allah help Believers to win by the winds and without war. After this, the Quraysh infidels did not fight Muslims. Islam spread in the Arabian Peninsula, The Opening of Mecca is achieved.
After the death of the Messenger of Allah, the people left Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. Islam was kept on in Mecca and Medina. In addition to the Romans' threat to the Muslims. The Muslims were steady and resisted these conditions under the leadership of Abu Bakr. Muslims won, and Islam was spreading again.
Islam continued to spread throughout the world, despite differences in Islamic history over governance. The Islamic state continued to expand and expand. Even Haroun al-Rashid said to a cloud which he saw it "where it is raining it will come to me your abscess."
The Muslim nation has experienced a period of weakness. The kings of Europe came under a great crusade led by the King of England, Richard. In the Battle of Hittin, Muslim Army that was led by Saladin achieved the victory against the Crusader armies. The Muslims liberated Jerusalem. The campaigns of the Crusaders returned with the bitterness of defeat
The Tatar legions, which swept like the locusts, destroyed the countries in which they were going. They marched in the lands of the Muslims, devastated and ruination. Baghdad fell, and the Levant fell. God presented the Muslims with Qatz who left Egypt and went with his army to meet the Tatar armies in the Levant. Muslims defeated the Tatars and ended their myth.
Now the Islamic nation is in a position of weakness. Armies of several countries are attacking the Levant. Is the vulva approaching? Are the date of a new resolution approached and a new victory? Or is it not yet and the time has not come for the victory of Muslims and the nation's recovery?

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