Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Don't despair. The hope of a humanitarian nature

Don't despair.........
The hope of a humanitarian nature
Dr. Zeiad Moussa Abd El-Moati
Generate rights along with hope, generates rights it rejects despair, hopes humanitarian instinct, God created people, hope, and non-despair of the attributes of the prophets, of the qualities of scientists, of the qualities of the greats, of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Let we take examples.
When the child learns to stand, he locates several times, with the determination and try again with repetition the child can stand, when the child learns walking, he locates in the first steps, and with the numerous attempts with the help parents can walk, can run and be able to play with his friends.
When a child started learning to speak, he speaks first words with difficulty, the wrong pronunciation of words, but with the help, parents can pronounce words correctly, can speak the sentences, and can speak easily, and can tell the stories.
When the child learns to write the child could not hold the pencil, but with the help of his mother and the teacher in kindergarten can hold the pencil correctly, and starts learning  writing, starts learning writing with pencil and writes letters, misses in the beginning, and using the eraser icon to erase his mistakes, and learn from his mistakes, and can write letters and then write the words, and then write to the sentences, and by continuation and the development to learn from mistakes, the child can write the language correctly and easy way.
When anyone starts learning a new foreign language, he finds difficulty initially in the pronunciation and in the writing of the words, but with the continuing and learning from mistakes can rights to preserve words and make sentences, and more, learning more, can be fluent in reading, writing, and pronunciation.
The prophets do not know despair. we take an example, of Noah, peace upon him, who continued inviting his people day and night to invite them with determination. His folk rejected his call. Only a few believed in Him. He did not stop his call only after the almighty god told him that he would not secure from his people only who have believed. God ordered him to start building the ship. He started building the ship. His people laugh at him. He survived and the believers, while the unbelievers were drowned in the flood.
As well as the messenger of Allah, (may Allah bless him and grant him salvation) offered the finest example of non-despair and hope. He continued inviting his people in Mecca to Islam several years ago, and did not believe in him except a few, vulnerable believers suffered from Severe punishment from unbelievers, then the messenger of Allah, (may Allah bless him and grant him salvation) tried to find another land fertile ground for the spread of Islam, went to Taif invite their people to enter Islam, but this attempt was not successful. He did not despair. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him salvation), continued in displaying the Islam to the Arab delegations who come to Mecca for pilgrimage. Believed Islam several people from Yathrib, in the first and second Akaba allegiance. Prophet emigrated with them to Yathrib that named after the migration Medina - which became a fertile ground for the propagation of Islam in the Arab peninsula, which spread Islam in it at a great rate after the opening of Mecca, Islam is still spreading and spreading, thanks to the dedication of the messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his non-despair and together with companions and their followers after them.  God prayed and bless Mohamed and his family and his companions, who reached the message, achieve the Secretariat, removed gloom, and has unified the nation, and the disseminated of Islam.
As well as the non-despair and hope to learn from the mistakes of the qualities of scientists and inventors. For example, genius inventor Thomas Edison said that he has been trying to and trying to invent the electric bulb and did not succeed in his attempts only after a thousand times.  He erred 999 times. He continued trying and repeat his trying and learn from his mistakes, avoided his mistakes and succeeded in 1000 time. He managed to invent the light bulb, this invention, which lit the world.
Also, the non-despair and hope of the qualities of and warriors and victors. The story of the military commander who had fought and lost a battle. He sat down next to the rock thinks about his conditions.  The next to him, he saw an ant carrying food and trying to climb the rock, the ant failed in the first attempt to climb the rock, the ant tried again third and fourth, and did not despair even managed to climb the rock carrying food. The military commander contemplated in the same and said, "am I less this ant?” He got up, trained his armies, and repeated the attempt, fought in another battle, He won the battle. This commander learned from this ant that he should not to despair, life is hope, and that despair is equal nothing.
God Almighty commands us not to despair and we have no despondency. He instructs us if we did sins, we should return to him, repent and ask him for forgiveness. God Almighty says, "Say: "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful." (Surat A- Zumar: 53), God Almighty guides us to do not despair and non-desperation, and ask him to forgive and repent of us and return to him, and that the despair is from the devil.
Therefore, we must not despair. Life is hope and despair equal to scratch, and despair not of human nature. We must try and try, and develop ourselves. We should know that it from the womb of failure breeds success. We say Yes for hope, No for despair.


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